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Stem Cell Refining Exfoliating Gel (90ml)

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Uttwiler Spatlauber is a variety of a Swiss apple that derives from a seeding planted in the middle of the 18th century.  Due to the incredible storability and longevity properties of these Swiss apples, scientists developed technology to extract stem cells from the plant which can be formulated into a cosmetic ingredient to help protect the stem cells in human skin.  Its valuable ingredient has the power for skin growth and regeneration, age-delaying which can preserve the youthful look and the vitality of your skin. The ingredient of Apple Stem Cell also won the 2008 innovation prize for the best active ingredient in Europe.  

Key Ingredients

  1. Apple Stem Cell
  2. Allantoin


  1. Mildly removes old keratin, softens skin.
  2. Increases skin elasticity.
  3. Reduces dullness and enhances moisture-retaining ability.


  1. Apply appropriate amount to pre-moistened skin of face and neck and leave for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Massage gently in circles until the dead skin off and rinse with water.

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